Quite Awhile Later…

I know somewhere early on I wrote something along the lines of, “If I don’t update this blog at least once a month, it could mean I’m dead.” Depending on how you see that it’s either fortunate or not. Though, here I am. I’ll try to do a quick summary of what’s been going on. […]

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The Cutest Hanbok D.Va

(Potato quality Hanbok D.Va – There’s a story I’ll tell later in the blog) Whew. It’s been awhile. I know I said if I went silent for a month or so it meant I was probably dead but that’s not the case. I got lazy; a bit pusillanimous (new favorite word – adjective : showing a […]

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Cold War

Emily and I still haven’t talked. It’s been about 2 months now. I’ve kind of forgotten what her voice sounds like. I think she said something to me the other day at work but I had my headphones in and ended up asking Stephanie what she said. Stephanie told me Emily said not to put […]

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Despite being sick, I got dressed and drove to World Market to give Nicole her, “unofficial secret Santa” gift. I walked in on the guise of needing to pick up my paycheck (which I really did need). I walk anxiously towards the break room as Stephanie leads the way. She entered the four digit PIN on […]

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Blog Layout Update

I browsed through some free site layouts and found some cool ones. I’ve had the previous theme for about a year or so and just felt like some change. I’ll also go through all my previous posts and assign proper categories to them so when I add a drop down menu they’ll be more accessible. […]

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Cancelled Plans

It seemed pretty casual, the way I approached Nicole. The little conversation we had flowed well and I was able to get in my invitation of her being my guest when Scott, Jean and I went downtown to see the lights. She seemed excited and I told her I’d give her my number and she […]

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